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Air Space Power Conference, ASPC 20

Wednesday, July 15

Information Advantage for the Next Generation Air Force

In an era of persistent competition in which the West’s qualitative edge is being eroded, the ability to think and act at a higher tempo than our adversaries will be a key determinant of future operational success. Air and space forces will play a disproportionate role in achieving the Information Advantage on which multi-domain operational synergies will depend. The Chief of the Air Staff’s 2020 Air and Space Power Conference will build on the multi-domain themes that were introduced at the 2019 Conference and will examine how the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and British Army, Government agencies, international partners and industry are working together to secure the cognitive edge which will secure enduring operational success. Exploring how the human component is being leveraged in harmony with technology, organisational reform and conceptual development, the 2020 Chief of the Air Staff’s Air and Space Power Conference will mark a defining moment in placing Information Advantage at the heart of international air and space power debate.

Despite the impact and restrictions resulting from COVID-19, this year’s Air and Space Power Conference is still going ahead albeit in a virtual format broadcast online on 15 July 2020. The gathering in London is, however, not taking place. There is no charge to access the new virtual conference.

Our collective adaption to the challenges of working around the COVID-19 restrictions has given us an exciting opportunity, in the spirit of ‘Information Advantage for the Next Generation Air Force’, to demonstrate our flexibility and responsiveness. Our aim is to bring everyone together virtually so that we can take some important time to think, discuss and debate the challenges we face in this domain. It will also be an opportunity to reflect on everything we have learnt from our experiences through the pandemic. This event presents a great opportunity for our partners, sponsors and delegates to participate virtually, noting however that the crux of the conference will now be more internally focused.

Further information on specific platforms, apps and availability will be forthcoming. We look forward to your continued support and participation.