Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) (Paris:ETL) and Nilesat, Egypt’s premier satellite operator, have agreed partial renewal terms for Ku capacity at Eutelsat’s 7° West position, part of the 7/8° West video hotspot, for broadcast services across the Middle East.

The multi-year, multi-transponder agreement represents the partial renewal of capacity by Nilesat at enhanced terms.

Eutelsat and Nilesat’s 7/8° West video hotspot represents the most powerful, widespread and dense footprint in the Middle East and North Africa, reaching 90% of TV homes in the region. It is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the global satellite TV market with over 60 million homes and 1,000 channels.

Commenting on the agreement, Rodolphe Belmer, Eutelsat’s Chief Executive Officer said: “We are pleased to renew our collaboration with our long-standing partner, Nilesat, at this key orbital position for the Middle East and North Africa, further cementing our relationship and assuring service continuity to Nilesat’s customers in the region.”

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nilesat, Ahmed Anis, added: “We are very happy to pursue our cooperation with Eutelsat, enabling us to continue to optimize resources at the 7° West position for satellite broadcasting and pursue our mission to provide reliable, secure, high quality broadcast services that aim to inform, educate and entertain our valued viewers throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

About Eutelsat Communications 
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