Eric Stallmer, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, is joining Voyager Space Holdings as Executive Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy, effective October 30, 2020. Stallmer has served as president of CSF since 2014.   

“Eric’s six-year tenure as CSF’s President witnessed historic progress in legislation, funding, and policy, supporting tremendous growth and accomplishments in the commercial space industry,” said Taber MacCallum, Chairman of the CSF Board of Directors, Founder and Co- CEO of Space Perspective. “Today we celebrate his accomplishments and thank him for his tireless work and leadership at CSF. Eric established a highly-effective team whose assiduous advocating for appropriate policies has enabled continued expansion and prosperity of the commercial space sector.”  

“The past six years have proven to be the most rewarding experience of my professional career,” said Stallmer. “I am sincerely grateful to have had the pleasure to work with outstanding colleagues and organizations throughout my time at CSF, and I look forward to watching the commercial sector continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.”

“Commercial space is changing rapidly, and CSF actively supports a diverse industry from launch and reentry through remote sensing, communications, spaceports, and human flight,” said MacCallum. “Our next President will be key in supporting the ongoing development of the commercial space ecosystem, including commercial human spaceflight, our industry’s next big untapped market.”

The CSF Executive Committee has established a search committee to identify its next President. Click here for additional information.

At its planned meeting in two weeks, the CSF Board will adopt an interim plan for the organization’s governance after Stallmer’s departure through the date that the next president officially joins the organization.

About the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the leading voice for the commercial spaceflight industry. Founded in 2006, CSF and its 85+ members are laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses. CSF members are responsible for the creation of thousands of high- tech jobs driven by billions of dollars in investment. Through the promotion of technology innovation, CSF is guiding the expansion of Earth’s economic sphere, bolstering U.S. leadership in aerospace, and inspiring America’s next generation of engineers and explorers. Media Inquiries: Diane Smiroldo,, 703.819.1963