Space-loving investors have their sights on Unistellar, the tech startup that revolutionized amateur astronomy and dominates the emerging digital telescope market.

Unistellar today opened public access to a crowdfunding campaign that offers equity to accredited investors(*) through Fundable, following frequent requests from customers who want to join the “(ad)venture” as investors. More than $1 million has already been raised in 48 hours, during the pre-launch phase. The company, profitable after only nine months of product commercialization, is taking its share of the billion-dollar amateur astronomy market while accelerating scientific space exploration advances.
Unistellar’s eVscope was launched in January 2020, after four years of research and development focused on one goal: empower astronomy novices and pros alike to profoundly experience the cosmos. With the eVscope’s fast-growing success, Unistellar now has 4,000 of its high-end consumer digital telescopes distributed across Europe, the United States and Japan, in only one year.

Beyond disrupting a trending marketplace, the brand had a banner year thanks to high customer satisfaction, with a net promoter score of 54.5 for the eVscope. An active citizen science partnership with the SETI Institute also contributed to a strong network effect for the community, which saw exponential monthly growth in its size and scientific contributions during the year.

“Unistellar gives consumers the opportunity to connect with astronomy on a thrilling and personal level, from enjoyable stargazing evenings to contributing to science advancement through their observations. Now we are pushing this further by giving them the opportunity to own a valuable piece of this emerging industry,” said Laurent Marfisi, Chief Executive Officer at Unistellar.

Unistellar is looking to raise $3M between Feb. 3rd – March 3rd, 2021. So far, Unistellar has raised more than $1 million from both the company’s historical investors—including business angels based in France, Switzerland, and the U.S.—and new investors. Tenured investors joining the venture include Thibaud Elziere, founder of Fotolia, and Emilio Frazzoli, MIT Professor and founder of nuTononomy.

This crowdfunding round will help Unistellar scale its current success with a new line of digital telescopes that address new and larger consumer segments. Funds will finance the R&D, sales and marketing needed to launch two new groundbreaking digital telescopes by Q1 2022.

“I’ve invested in more than 100 companies in the last decade, including hardware and software, and quickly saw the competitive advantage for Unistellar,” said Elzière. “The strength of the eVscope is its innate networking capabilities. Businesses with a real network effect are rare and offer strong competitive moats.”

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(*) This offering is strictly limited to US-based accredited investors. Please note that your accreditation status will be verified prior to investment. Please refer to the SEC Rules for the definition of an accredited investor

About Unistellar

Unistellar is the start-up behind the eVscope, a powerful, simple-to-operate consumer telescope that brings the wonders of the universe to life in seconds – even in urban settings. Thanks to a partnership with the SETI Institute, this game-changer in consumer telescopes also allows its users to become citizen scientists and contribute to cutting-edge research on exoplanet transits, asteroid occultations, comets, and much more.
The Unistellar eVscope received a CES Innovation Award in 2018 in the category Tech for a Better World and was nominated for a SXSW 2019 Innovation Award. Nearly 4,000 digital telescopes are now operating in Europe, Japan, and North America, participating in an unprecedented observing experience.


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