Dragonfly Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract for the development and delivery of high resolution electro-optical imagers for Pixxel’s planned satellite constellation. The constellation will follow the upcoming launch of Pixxel’s first satellite ‘Anand’, which also happens to be India’s first private earth imaging satellite. The planned constellation of satellites will provide global coverage every 24 hours enabling organisations around the globe to detect, monitor and predict global phenomena in near real time.

“Dragonfly Aerospace aims to be the world leader in compact high-performance earth observation imaging solutions. Pixxel and Dragonfly have a shared vision about using the latest advances in satellite technology and computing to achieve daily imaging around the world and enable a greater understanding of the planet to the benefit of all”, Dragonfly Aerospace CEO Bryan Dean stated.

“Pixxel aims to bring the benefits of space down to earth to make life here sustainably better and this partnership enables us to do that. The Dragonfly team are some of the best at what they do in the world and it’s an absolute delight to be able to work with them on cutting edge remote sensing technology”, Pixxel CEO Awais Ahmed said of the partnership.

About Dragonfly Aerospace (https://dragonflyaerospace.com)

Dragonfly Aerospace creates compact high-performance imaging payloads and satellites that are designed for large imaging constellations that will provide persistent views of the Earth in a wide range of spectrums enabling unprecedented business intelligence and improving the lives of people around the world.

About Pixxel (https://pixxel.space)

Pixxel aims to offer real-time, universally accessible, high-resolution satellite imagery for any location in the world. Its images are used for climate monitoring, crop yield prediction, urban planning, and disaster response, among other applications. Pixxel aims to launch a constellation of high resolution earth observation small satellites, which will provide real- time global coverage once fully deployed.