World View, the commercial balloon spaceflight company, has named retired NASA astronaut Ron Garan as Chief Pilot for current robotic flight operations and upcoming human spaceflights. A graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a CSF Research and Education Affiliate, Garan will be responsible for the safety of all flight operations.

“It’s exciting to watch our industry grow, and the creation of high tech jobs further solidifies our nation’s pre-eminence in space, said CSF President Eric Stallmer. “Under the guidance of such an experienced and acclaimed pilot as Ron Garan, World View is one step closer to bringing voyagers to the edge of space.”

World View flies balloons to near space carrying payloads that encompass a variety of purposes, including but not limited to climate modeling, First Response support, and astronomy research.

Garan will also be involved with World View’s future plans to fly passengers to the edge of space, where voyagers will experience the paradigm-shifting view of the curvature of Earth, something that only astronauts have had the privilege of seeing in person. “Ever since my first journey to space, I’ve felt a call to action to help spread a unique perspective of our home, this place we call Earth,” Garan said.

Garan’s extensive career includes time as an F-16 instructor pilot at the United States Air Force Fighter Weapons School and years serving as an experimental test pilot. Garan was selected to the astronaut corps as a pilot in July 2000. During his NASA career, Garan flew on both the U.S. Space Shuttle under the leadership of World View Director of Flight Operations, Mark Kelly, and with the Russians aboard the Soyuz spacecraft.

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