Billionaires have made headlines for flying the first-ever civilian flights to space, all major steps in commercial spaceflight. Yet there is still no digital market or economic mechanisms for the public to directly participate in space commercialization.

Copernic Space applies blockchain technology and innovative business models to enable mass-market access to space assets and investment opportunities, and in cooperation with space robotics leader Lunar Outpost they will launch the first tokenized sale of payload space available to the public. This tokenized sale of payload space will allow public purchase, utilization, division, and resale of payload space through an e-commerce like experience.

Copernic Space’s platform will allow companies and the general market to buy, fractionalize, and sell space assets in the form of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs), in this case, payload space on Lunar Outpost’s M1 MAPP rover headed for the Moon in Q4 of 2022. The NFTs of payload space not only provides the owner rights and utility to the space on the rover itself, for those that have purchased the minimum amount to do so, but it also creates the first true space asset market and a secondary market because of its unique application of NFTs that creates divisible and resellable payload space.

“Cryptocurrency and digital assets will not only enable the market to easily acquire space assets such as payload space or satellite data, but will open the flood gates on commercialization and capital that can bring untold public benefit, ranging from environmental to economic.” said Copernic Space CEO and co-founder Grant Blaisdell.

“By teaming with Copernic Space, Lunar Outpost will be able to offer ownership of assets to a new class of customers. This platform represents a substantial step forward in making space accessible to everyone.” says Lunar Outpost co-founder and COO Julian Cyrus,.

About Copernic Space

Copernic Space is the platform to acquire, access, and manage all your space assets in one place. Copernic Space unlocks the bene?ts of the space economy to the mass market and provides space ventures the capability to better commercialize assets and attain ?nancing.

About Lunar Outpost

Lunar Outpost is an advanced robotics company with a focus on developing technologies that have both Earth and space applications. Lunar Outpost made history as the first commercial company to collect payment for a space resources contract.