Andøya Spaceport has entered into a cooperation agreement for the first construction phase with SEKK (Sortland Entreprenør and Karstein Kristiansen Entreprenør) and LNS in connection with the development of the spaceport on Andøya.

Phase 1 of the collaboration agreement was implemented in November 2021, with the main focus on putting together a strong team with a focus on project management and leadership. The interaction model was chosen to involve the contractors in the early phase and to facilitate good cooperation in the pre-project and construction phase.

“We wanted to put in place a good culture of cooperation early on,” says development manager for Andøya Spaceport, Henrik Strøm. “Both to work towards a common project goal and to make each other better. Design and calculation have gone hand in hand, and we have now together arrived at a target price that is within the total budget. We are now happy that we can take the project to the next phase, which is the development phase.”

SEKK will be responsible for the construction of the building while LNS will carry out foundation work, extraction of masses as well as filling and concrete work on the first launching ramp.

“We are proud to be able to start the work of creating the Norwegian spaceport together with such competent and strong contractors as SEKK and LNS,” says Strøm. “It is a complicated and unique project that will attract attention outside the country’s borders, and the efforts of the contractors and subcontractors will have everything to say for the finished result.

“The work that is now to be done is the first construction stage,” says Henrik. “This year we are building the first launch ramp, the first assembly hall for rockets and necessary support buildings, including a temporary control center, so that the commercial launches can start as soon as possible.”

Then we will complete the spaceport with new construction stages, until it is completed in 2025, Henrik concludes.