Connexion by Boeing, a business unit of
The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), has signed a contract with leading satellite
operator Eutelsat for satellite transponder capacity for Connexion by Boeing
‘s mobile broadband information services. The provision of transponder
capacity covering key areas of Europe and Asia provides additional momentum
for the full-scale introduction of high-speed connectivity for airlines and
passengers seeking real-time access to email, company intranets, the World
Wide Web and entertainment content in flight.

Based on the agreement, Connexion by Boeing will lease capacity on Eutelsat’
s SESAT satellite, which is located at 36 degrees East and provides a
footprint stretching from the eastern Atlantic Ocean across the European
continent and as far east as Central Asia. Eutelsat previously provided
Connexion by Boeing with satellite capacity over the North Atlantic and
Europe during successful three-month service demonstrations with Lufthansa
and British Airways. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Connexion by Boeing’s service offers a permanent two-way connection between
an antenna installed on the plane and the SESAT satellite. Airline
passengers will be able to send and receive e-mails, access their
firewall-protected corporate intranets and the World Wide Web, use a range
of on-line shopping services and consult travel and tourist information —
all in real-time. Airline operators also will benefit from access to
real-time crew and aircraft data.

"This agreement adds another element to our plan to introduce the benefits
and richness of real-time, two-way data and entertainment connectivity in
flight," said Joe Shaheen, Director of Operational Services for Connexion by
Boeing. "More importantly, it provides the satellite resources that will
allow us to bring this innovative capability to airlines that operate routes
between Asia and Europe, which serve some of the most personal
technology-intensive markets in the world."

CEO of Eutelsat Giuliano Berretta said: "Eutelsat was delighted to accompany
Connexion by Boeing during the in-flight demonstration phase earlier this
year and to see the high commercial interest and technical performance of
this innovative product. We are proud to have won Boeing’s confidence and to
be providing them with capacity for the introduction of a full commercial
service. This new contract is fully in line with a key company objective to
expand and diversify the scope of satellites for new broadband applications
and demonstrates the ability of our fleet to adapt to new business

Connexion by Boeing will begin the installation of its service onboard
commercial airliners in early 2004.

About Connexion by Boeing

Connexion by Boeing is the mobile information services provider bringing
high-speed Internet, data and entertainment connectivity to mobile
travelers. The service is currently available today to operators of private
and executive aircraft in the U.S. The Boeing business unit recently
announced definitive service agreements with Lufthansa and Scandinavian
Airlines System (SAS) to equip their fleet of long-haul aircraft with the
service beginning in early 2004. In addition to a successful service
demonstration with British Airways, Japan Airlines also has announced its
intent to install the Connexion by Boeing service on its long-range
aircraft. For additional information, visit the Connexion by Boeing web site

About Eutelsat

With capacity commercialised on 23 satellites that provide coverage from the
Americas to Far East Asia, Eutelsat S.A. is one of the world’s leading
satellite operators. Eutelsat’s satellites broadcast more than 1,300
television and 800 radio stations to an audience of 107 million cable and
satellite homes in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its capacity is also
used for corporate network solutions and positioning and messaging services
for professional mobile networks. In the Internet market the company
provides capacity to telcos, broadband service providers and ISPs for
Internet backbone connections, Internet access and multicasting. Eutelsat
has also developed a range of broadband products for professional users and
consumers that are routed through its multimedia platforms in France and
Italy. Its D-Star and D-SAT services are for two-way broadband
communications and its OPENSKY? service offers consumers high-speed Internet
access and delivery of rich multimedia content.


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Vanessa O’Connor, Eutelsat, +33 1 53 98 47 57,

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