WASHINGTON (December 6, 2004) The nation’s Vision for Space Exploration received a major vote of confidence today when Congress gave final approval of the FY2005 spending bill that includes money for NASA to resume Space Shuttle operations, continue assembly of the International Space Station as an exploration research outpost, and to actively pursue plans to send robots and humans back to the Moon, on to Mars and beyond.

The Coalition for Space Exploration congratulates Congress for its support of this bold new adventure that will stimulate economic rewards, help sustain our national security, inspire a new generation of explorers and provide unimagined improvements in our quality of life.

“Thanks to the direct involvement of the White House and of key leaders of Congress, NASA will have the money it needs in 2005 to move one step closer toward realizing the goals of the Vision for Space Exploration,” said Jeff Carr, chairman of the Coalition for Space Exploration’s public affairs team.

The budget actions taken by Congress and the White House reflect the will of U.S. citizens, according to a Gallup Poll commissioned by the Coalition for Space Exploration and released this past summer. The survey found that 69 percent of those polled supported the Vision for Space Exploration, including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats.

“Without question, the majority of Americans support space exploration. The
Coalition looks forward to working with the White House, Congress, NASA and others to help realize this national Vision during the coming months and years,” Carr said.

NASA will receive $16.2 billion in 2005, about an $822 million increase from 2004. Although increased, the space agency’s share of the Federal Budget remains less than 1 percent.

About the Coalition

The Coalition for Space Exploration is a collaborative effort whose mission is to ensure the United States will remain a leader in space, science and technology – key factors that will benefit the nation’s economy, help maintain our national security, and gratify our inherent human need to explore. The Coalition seeks to generate momentum and enthusiasm for the newly focused Vision for Space Exploration by sharing the spirit-lifting excitement and tangible benefits of our space program with the general public and our nation’s leaders.

Founding members include ATK Alliant Techsystems, The Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance. Other members include Aerojet, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), California Space Authority, Delaware North Parks Services, Florida Space Authority, Hamilton Sundstrand, Harris, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, Moog, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, National Space and Satellite Alliance, and the Space Foundation.

Coalition partners include The Astronauts Memorial Foundation, Bastion Technologies, the National Space Society, Parametric Technology Corp., and TUI Business Systems.

Additional information about the Coalition and the nation’s Vision for Space Exploration can be found online at www.spacecoalition.com.