“The U.S. House of Representatives budget proposal deals a heavy blow to America’s space exploration program. It will extend the gap in human space flight beyond 2014 by delaying the development of the Orion spacecraft and Ares launch vehicle. It will also extend our nation’s reliance on Russia for human space flight capability.

“Additionally, there is potential for significant negative economic impact with the loss of jobs and skilled workforce in a number of states around the country.

“We strongly encourage the Senate – which only two months ago approved in the Appropriations Committee a $1 billion increase in funding for NASA – to take an aggressive stand opposing the House cuts and in support of keeping America’s space exploration program moving forward.”

Joe Mayer, Chairman – Public Affairs Team

Coalition for Space Exploration

The Coalition for Space Exploration is a collaboration of space industry businesses and advocacy groups whose mission is to educate and inform the public on the value and benefits of space exploration and to help ensure the United States will remain a leader in space, science and technology – key factors that will benefit every American, strengthen our nation’s economy and maintain our national security.