CANEUS has initiated an important step in the evolution of the small satellite industry, namely, the second meeting of the CANEUS-founded Small Satellite Industry!

As a global non-profit membership organization, the Small Satellite Working Group aims to mitigate risk collectively for all participants by investigating the various business models for technology validation, satellite constellations, and launch on demand.

Taking place at the Littleton, Colorado headquarters of MicroSat Systems Inc. from 8-9 March 2007, the meeting will build upon the foundation established at the Group’s first meeting in October, focusing specifically on international collaborations within the small satellite industry. It will also serve to identify and formalize the diverse needs of its members.

Several high-level speakers have already been confirmed, including presentations from our partners at DDR&E. In particular, the Working Group is honoured to welcome a Keynote Address from Colonel Tom Doyne of the US Air Force Research Laboratory entitled “Responsive Space Missions Through NATO Countries”. Colonel Doyne was instrumental in developing the current small satellite standards for the United States.

We are now on the brink of a major breakthrough in the small satellite industry, and this meeting represents a crucial step towards establishing international standards. Participants will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in cutting-edge technical discussions, while also determining the future direction of the small satellite industry.

 By actively participating in creating standards, stakeholders can influence important industry trends. Companies engaged in current industry dialogue can decrease manufacturing costs, increase reliability and productivity, and enjoy increased access to customers, end-users, and the global market.

For further details about the agenda of this important event, please contact Milind Pimprikar by email at Please let us know by February 23rd, if you would like to will join us in Colorado!