Marc Garneau President of the
Canadian Space Agency (CSA) today addressed the press to reflect on the
impacts of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) Report on the
Canadian Space Program.

“The CSA has confidence that NASA will be guided by the report and will
take the steps required to implement the recommendations to ensure a safe
return to human flight” said Mr. Garneau. “Today we are reaffirming our
commitment to honor the extraordinary efforts that we, as human beings, have
undertaken to explore space to better understand our planet, its evolution and
our place in the universe.”

Mr Garneau also acknowledged the work and dedication of the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board and the NASA personnel who greatly contributed to
the report.

As a key partner in the International Space Station, the CSA is committed
to working closely with its international partners to promote the peaceful use
and development of space, to advance the knowledge of space through science
and to ensure that space science and technology provide social and economic
benefits for all of humanity.