GS Yuasa Lithium Power (GYLP), a US subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation (GYC) (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674), announced today that it has received an order from The Boeing Company for the procurement of LSE190 lithium-ion cells to be used in GEO satellite applications.

This award follows on the recently announced Long Term Supply Agreement between Boeing and GYLP. The LSE190 cells will be used to power ViaSat, Inc.’s ( first two ViaSat-3 geostationary communications satellites. Each high-powered communications satellite will provide one terabit-per-second of throughput, making the ViaSat-3 class of satellites the highest capacity communications satellites in orbit. The LSE190 lithium-ion cell is specifically engineered to support these kinds of high-power duty cycles and to achieve a 15-year mission life.

“GYLP is pleased that the execution of the Long Term Supply Agreement has quickly led to these awards from Boeing. These awards further demonstrate confidence in GS Yuasa’s technical and manufacturing expertise based on the proven heritage of the LSE family of lithium-ion cells,” said Curtis Aldrich, GYLP’s Director of Business Development. “GYLP is looking forward to supporting Boeing throughout these important programs.”

GS Yuasa group companies have been in the battery business for more than a century with lithium-ion cell experience dating back to the late-1980s. The LSE190 cells are manufactured exclusively by GS Yuasa Technology Ltd. (GYT). With more than 2.4MWh of lithium-ion energy storage on-orbit GYT is the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion cells for space applications. GYT is a has manufactured lithium-ion cells for use on spacecraft since 1998 and their lithium-ion cells are currently in use on more than 120 satellites.

About GS Yuasa Corporation

GS Yuasa Corporation was established in 2004 by the merger of Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd and YUASA Battery. GS Yuasa develops and manufactures batteries and power supply systems for a wide range of special applications. The company’s high-performance, high-quality batteries are installed in sea, land, and aerospace environments, from depths of 6,500 meters below the ocean surface to 36,000 kilometers in space. (Japanese) (English)

About GS Yuasa Technology, LTD (GYT)

GS Yuasa Technology is a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation located in Kyoto, Japan. GYT designs and manufacturers large format lithium-ion cells for aerospace and specialty applications.

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About GS Yuasa Lithium Power 

GS Yuasa Lithium Power, Inc. is the United States subsidiary of GS Yuasa focused on large format lithium ion battery system manufacturing for US customers. Primary products are lithium-ion battery systems for aerospace, defense, commercial, and industrial applications.