Long Beach, California – Rebel Space Technologies has been awarded a NASA Phase II SBIR for their proposal Space Weaver: A Collaborative Smart Network for Space Communications. The proposal leverages Rebel Space’s proprietary Rebel Cognitive Communications & Control software (Rebel-C3) for autonomous network management, in addition to their partner Prewitt Ridge’s VerifAI.
In SpaceWeaver, the Rebel-C3 software creates a distributed cognitive space communications network for lunar operations that increases mission science data return and improves network resource efficiencies for NASA missions. The software uses artificial intelligence enhanced distributed sensing and optimized data routing to ensure efficient, resilient operations in an unpredictable space environment. The ultimate goal is to coordinate the transfer and relay of mission data across the lunar architecture based on data priority, content, schedule, and environmental conditions, a necessity for future lunar missions.
The SBIR Phase I and Phase II efforts and resulting prototype software will contribute to future NASA missions and lunar operations. Rebel Space co-founder, Carrie Hernandez, stated “the continued research and development under the NASA Phase II contract aligns with our company’s commercial goal of providing autonomous network management software to deliver a 10x network performance improvement in challenging industrial environments. We believe that our Rebel-C3 software can help businesses significantly optimize their operations by providing customized network management that takes advantage of 5G capabilities and simplifies the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology.”
Rebel Space is partnering with Prewitt Ridge’s patent-pending method for processing unstructured and semi-structured textual data into technical decisions, known as VerifAI. “We’re ecstatic to adapt VerifAI from supporting engineering design and into a cognitive component for Rebel Space’s vision of dynamic on-orbit communications routing via SpaceWeaver,” said Steven Massey, CEO & Co-Founder of Prewitt Ridge.
The NASA Phase II contract has a two year period of performance, during that time, Rebel Space and Prewitt Ridge will deliver to NASA prototype software that will advance NASA’s lunar communications capabilities. 
Founded in 2019 by Carrie and Gabriel Hernandez, a mother and son team, Rebel Space Technologies expands the boundaries of existing communications systems by developing autonomous network management software. Backed by Acequia Capital and world-tier angel investors, Rebel Space has strong early engagement across leading commercial space, defense, and logistics companies.
Contact: Carrie Hernandez, CEO, carrie@rebelspacetech.com
Prewitt Ridge was founded by former SpaceX engineers in 2019 to solve one of the most difficult meta-problems in deep tech: making engineering collaboration less prone to error, and less reliant on email & PowerPoint. Backed by leading early-stage funds Wonder Ventures, Haystack, and Acequia Capital, Prewitt Ridge’s technologies have found early traction across a variety of private aerospace companies and government agencies.

Contact: Steven Massey, CEO, media@prewittridge.com