ATK STAR(TM) Motor Provides Third-Stage Boost to Orbit

An ATK (Alliant
Techsystems) STAR(TM) 37XFP motor played a critical role in
Saturday’s successful deployment of a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
(DMSP) spacecraft by a Lockheed Martin Titan II launch vehicle. The launch
occurred at Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Don Shaffer, president of ATK Elkton, Elkton Md., said the launch
highlights ATK’s significant rocket motor expertise. “The ATK STAR(TM) series
of motors has a long and distinguished track record of success and we are
proud to perform critical functionality for Lockheed Martin’s Titan II,” said

The STAR(TM) 37XFP motor provided the third-stage boost necessary to place
the satellite into its final orbit after separating from the second stage of
the Titan launch vehicle. ATK Elkton manufactured the motor at its Elkton,
Md. facility. The company produces both apogee and perigee kick motors for
satellite orbit insertion, as well as boosters, integrated upper stages,
advanced ordnance initiation devices and, axial and divert propulsion for
missile defense interceptor applications.

ATK is a $2.2 billion aerospace and defense company with strong positions
in propulsion, composite structures, munitions, precision capabilities, and
civil and sporting ammunition. The company, which is headquartered in Edina,
Minn., employs approximately 12,200 people and has three business groups:
Precision Systems, Aerospace, and Ammunition and Related Products. ATK news
and information can be found on the Internet at .