FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 12, 2021) In the past few months, the space industry experienced some new milestones. Virgin Galactic (July 11, 2021) and Blue Origin (July 20, 2019) launched a new facet of the space industry that provides access to everyday people. SpaceX is joining the group with the Inspiration4 mission set to launch on Sept 15, 2021. 

As the space industry explodes, over 70 countries have entered the space race. Marketing will become critical as more companies compete for business, investors, and contracts. 

The new book, Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry is an introduction to marketing tactics and strategies through the lens of space. 

The foreword of the new book was written by author David Meerman Scott. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has written twelve books including Marketing the Moon.

David Meerman Scott says, “Izzy shares proven marketing strategies and tactics including branding, social media, search engine optimization, and content generation. She shows you how to build relationships with existing and potential customers rather than just selling to them.”

The author, Izzy House, has combined both of her passions of marketing and space into one expertise. With an extensive marketing background, she turns the lens of marketing onto the space industry. Armed with 20+ years of experience in public affairs, outreach, and marketing, Izzy aims to empower space companies and further their dreams of space exploration for everyone.

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The virtual book launch is scheduled for October 1, 2021, at noon. Please register HERE.