American Science and Engineering, Inc.
announced today an order for its High Energy Systems division (HES)
from ATK Thiokol Propulsion based in Promontory, Utah. The order is
for the development of high-energy linear accelerators for
non-destructive testing of the reusable solid rocket motor (RSRM) for
the NASA Space Shuttle Program. The linear accelerators will be used
to ensure RSRM manufacturing quality and safety. This first phase of
the program is valued at over $600,000.

Anthony Fabiano, AS&E President and CEO, commented, “We are
pleased that ATK has selected HES’s compact linear accelerator for
this phase one development project, and that AS&E technology will play
a part supporting the Space Shuttle Program. We are also looking
forward to the visit on December 18th, 2003 by NASA astronaut Janice
Voss, a veteran of five space flights, to tour our facility in Santa
Clara and see the key elements of an inspection system that may assist
in ensuring the safety of future space shuttle flights.”

About HES: In August 1998 the Company established the High Energy
Systems division (HES). HES, located in Santa Clara, California,
develops and manufactures linear accelerators for a variety of
applications and products, including a proprietary high-energy linear
accelerator for the Company’s Shaped Energy(TM) technology. The linear
accelerators generate high-energy X-rays by accelerating electrons
from energy of approximately 20 keV to energies of several MeV using
microwave fields created in an evacuated accelerating structure. The
accelerated electrons either strike a heavy metal target to generate
high energy X-rays, or are extracted in air to produce a propagating
high-energy electron beam for various applications. Customers for
HES’s linear accelerators include the medical, scientific, and
military communities, and involve electron beam processing,
non-destructive testing, and security screening of dense cargo.

About AS&E®

American Science and Engineering, Inc. develops and manufactures
state-of-the-art X-ray inspection systems for homeland security and
other critical defense applications. AS&E continues to innovate,
create and develop new products by investing in new ideas through
research and development, and evolving its technology to meet the
needs of an ever-changing world. AS&E’s patented Z® Backscatter
technology detects plastic explosives, illegal drugs, and other
contraband, even when artfully concealed in complex backgrounds by
terrorists and smugglers. AS&E’s Shaped Energy(TM) X-ray inspection
systems combine the material discrimination features of Z®
Backscatter imaging with the penetration capability of high-energy
X-rays for dense cargoes, without the problems caused by excessive
radiation. AS&E’s High Energy Systems Division manufactures linear
accelerators for a variety of applications including medical,
scientific, security, electron beam curing and non-destructive
testing. AS&E is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information about
AS&E products and technologies, please visit

About ATK Thiokol Propulsion

ATK is a leader in the design, development, and production of
solid propulsion systems for commercial and government space launch
vehicles, strategic missiles, and missile defense interceptors, and
high-performance composite structures for space launch vehicles,
military and commercial aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft. For more
information about ATK Thiokol Propulsion, please visit

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