The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is pleased to announce the winners of awards to be presented during the 2022 AIAA SciTech Forum, to be held 3–7 January 2022 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego in San Diego. The Awards Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, 6 January, 1230 hrs PT to fully recognize these award winners. Visit AIAA SciTech Forum Awards for more information. 


“We are proud to recognize these accomplished individuals for their influence on the aerospace profession, their outstanding merit, and their unique contributions to the art, science, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics,” said Dan Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. “Chosen by their peers, these visionaries, technological leaders, and exemplary professionals are truly inspirational. We are grateful for their efforts working toward a better world.” 


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2021 J. Leland Atwood Award  

This award recognizes a recent outstanding educational achievement and encourages innovative improvements in aerospace education. 


Saeed Farokhi, University of Kansas 

For outstanding and consistent contributions to the aerospace profession especially in the areas of propulsion and high-speed aerodynamics, and a profound and long-lasting commitment to the education, mentorship, and professional development of both graduate and undergraduate aerospace engineering students.  



2022 Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award  

The award is presented for the best original contribution to the field of aeronautical or astronautical non-fiction literature published in the last five years dealing with the science, technology, and/or impact of aeronautics or astronautics on society. 


John M. Logsdon, Space Policy Institute, The George Washington University  

Ronald Reagan and the Space Frontier 


2022 AIAA Summerfield Book Award  

This award is presented to the authors of the best book recently published by AIAA. 


Don L. Edberg, California State Polytechnic Institute, Pomona 

Willie Costa, VUONG Global 

Design of Rockets and Space Launch Vehicles 



2022 AIAA Diversity and Inclusion Award  

This award recognizes an individual or group within AIAA who has devoted time and effort and made significant contributions to the advancement of diversity and inclusion within the Institute 


Eric B. Holmes, NASA Headquarters 

For sustained significant contributions to raise awareness on the value of diversity and inclusion in the aerospace workforce at large, an AIAA core value. 



2022 AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology Award 

The award is presented for continued contributions and achievements toward the advancement of aerodynamics flow field and surface measurement techniques for research in flight and ground test applications. 


Noel T. Clemens, University of Texas at Austin 

For the development and application of innovative laser-based imaging techniques to bring new insight into the physics of complex turbulent flows. 


2022 AIAA Aerospace Design Engineering Award 

This award is presented for the conception, definition, or development of an original concept or career contributions leading to a significant advance in aircraft design or design technology by an individual or a team. 


Michael Buonanno, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics 

For design innovation and engineering leadership in the development of X-59, the Quiet Supersonic Technology X-plane. 


2022 AIAA Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control Award 

This award recognizes individuals who have made important and substantial contributions in the field of guidance, navigation and control.  


Siva S. Banda, Air Force Research Laboratory (retired) 

For outstanding and sustained contributions to advancing flight control theory and its applications. 


2022 AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Award 

This award is presented to an individual for sustained, meritorious accomplishment in the arts, sciences, and technology of air breathing propulsion systems  


Srinath V. Ekkad, North Carolina State University 

For significant technical contributions to the development of pioneering detailed heat transfer measurements inside gas turbines and continued leadership in the aerospace community to develop new industry-university partnerships. 


2022 AIAA de Florez Award for Flight Simulation  

This award is presented for an outstanding individual achievement in the application of flight simulation to aerospace training, research, and development. 


Sunjoo K. Advani, International Development of Technology B.V. 

For his exceptional impacts on simulation science, particularly in the worldwide implementation of objective measures of the quality of flight simulation motion systems. 


2022 AIAA Energy Systems Award 

This award is presented for a significant contribution in the broad field of energy systems, specifically as related to the application of engineering sciences and systems engineering to the production, storage, distribution, and conservation of energy.  


George Crabtree, University of Illinois Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory 

For his seminal contributions to defining the next-generation energy system and innovative technological and workforce development pathways to achieve it. 


2022 AIAA Intelligent Systems Award  

This award recognizes important fundamental contributions to intelligent systems technologies and applications that advance the capabilities of aerospace systems. 


Ella M. Atkins, University of Michigan 

For outstanding, creative, interdisciplinary solutions in the theory and deployment of intelligent autonomous aerospace vehicles over the past two decades. 


2022 AIAA Mechanics and Control of Flight Award   

This award is presented for an outstanding recent technical or scientific contribution by an individual in the mechanics, guidance, or control of flight in space or the atmosphere. 


Mark L. Psiaki, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

For the development of new nonlinear estimation algorithms and for their application to problems in satellite attitude and orbit determination and in GPS signal processing. 


2022 AIAA Microgravity and Space Processes Award 

This award is presented for significant contributions in microgravity science, space processing, or in furthering the use of microgravity for space processing. 


Carlos Fernandez-Pello, University of California, Berkeley 

For decades of microgravity research in smoldering, flame spread and spacecraft fire safety and for leadership in the microgravity research community. 


2022 AIAA Propellants and Combustion Award 

This award is presented for outstanding technical contributions to aeronautical or astronautical combustion engineering.  


Tim C. Lieuwen, Georgia Institute of Technology 

For outstanding leadership in research and development of high-performance, fuel-flexible power and propulsion combustion technologies. 


2022 AIAA Survivability Award   

This award is presented to an individual or a team to recognize outstanding achievement or contribution in design, analysis, implementation and/or education of survivability in an aerospace system. 


Alex G. Kurtz, Survivability Assessment Flight, Aerospace Survivability and Safety Office, 704th Test Group, USAF (retired) 

For distinguished service and contributions to the aircraft/aerospace survivability/vulnerability community and discipline. 


2022 AIAA Wyld Propulsion Award 

This award is presented for outstanding achievement in the development or application of rocket propulsion systems.  


Daniel J. Dorney, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 

For his leadership, sustained contributions, and outstanding dedication to the design, development, testing, and operation of propulsion systems critical to our nation’s future in space. 


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