SpaceBelt is a scalable, space-based Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) network utilizing a constellation of nine satellites in low earth orbit (LEO). The constellation of satellites are networked with redundant, self-healing laser photonic rings. The LEO satellites shall be designed to have data storage providing 4.8 petabytes of data vault memory, redundant across the satellites. Bypassing global terrestrial networks, the SpaceBelt network communicates with secure access points from various locations globally encrypted connectivity with its partners geosynchronous satellites (GEO). In addition to the high-availability characteristics of SpaceBelt, global route diversity is also supported.

The Design Contract entails Addvalue to lend its satellite communications expertise to Cloud Constellation for the bespoke design and development of SpaceBelt satellite communications ground terminals and space payloads capable of supporting Cloud Constellation’s inter-satellite communication protocols. The Design Contract will be carried out in accordance with the conclusions/recommendations on any variation reached by a study (to be conducted at the onset) and such being accepted by Cloud Constellation.

Cloud Constellation is poised to offer the world’s first cloud infrastructure and data storage service, based entirely in space. The company’s patented SpaceBelt architecture utilizes GEO partner’s satellites to securely transfer data between the customer’s enterprise location(s) and the SpaceBelt LEO network. This provides the strongest data security possible by offering global isolation from the terrestrial infrastructure of an enterprise or government organization’s high value, highly sensitive, mission-critical data assets. Addvalue is uniquely equipped to provide Cloud Constellation with the satellite communications expertise required to enable direct and secure transfer of data stored on the SpaceBelt constellation, given the company’s recent success in its own Inter-satellite Data Relay System (“IDRS”) that offers LEO satellite operators an on-demand real time connection to their satellite constellations.

To date, Cloud Constellation has entered into reseller agreements with several partners globally to resell the SpaceBelt Data Security Service to their customers. In addition, Cloud Constellation has secured commitments from several commercial enterprises, including IBM and World Food Chain Pte Ltd, to participate in the initial trial of its secured data storage service.

Mr Cliff Beek, CEO of Cloud Constellation, remarked that: “This is exactly the type of next-generation LEO satellite communication technology that SpaceBelt needs to ensure mission success, we are proud to partner with Addvalue in this regard.”

Mr Beek added that: “Apart from the Design Contract, Cloud Constellation is currently at various advanced stages of negotiations with satellite manufacturers and rocket launcher providers for the preparation of the roll-out of its SpaceBelt constellation.”

Dr Colin Chan Kum Lok, Chairman and CEO of Addvalue, commented that: “Pursuant to the Design Contract, Addvalue will develop a scalable, agile, full duplex satellite data communications system for Cloud Constellation using  our technology, expertize and know how, in particular, based on our engineering experience in the space proven proprietary IDRS technology. The successful commercialization of the Design Contract will lead to a separate supply contract for the delivery of the SpaceBelt satellite communications payloads as well as the ground terminals.”

Dr Chan added that: “Data security is a major concern to both government and commercial enterprises globally, and Addvalue is honored to be selected by Cloud Constellation to be its partner to embark on such an exciting project. We are confident to be able to successfully deliver the Design Contract that will meet Cloud Constellation’s stringent requirements by making use of our in-house proven communication platform with space heritage, and thereby minimizing any unknown risks in the space environment.”