Impulse Space – a Space 2.0 pioneer providing agile, economical last-mile space payload delivery capabilities – is pleased to announce its appointment of Aaron Mitchell to director of product management. Previously the chief of product at Momentus, Mitchell brings years of experience revolutionizing in-space transportation and will be pivotal to Impulse’s goal of accelerating product planning for the upcoming years.

“Aaron is a tremendous addition to the expanding Impulse team,” said Impulse Founder Tom Mueller, a founding member of SpaceX and renowned industry visionary. “Having worked on landing a spacecraft on Mars and crashing another one into Saturn, there couldn’t be a better in-space transportation specialist to fill our newest position, director of product management. From planning to release, Aaron’s expertise will be critical to the entire product lifecycle.”

In his new role as director of product management, Mitchell will oversee the planning, developing and execution of projects relating to last-mile, in-space propulsion delivery systems and will lead multi-disciplinary teams delivering flight hardware for various missions. He will be instrumental in coordinating design, procurement, testing and qualification, and production.

“I am honored to join such a veteran team,” said Impulse Director of Product Management Aaron Mitchell. “Impulse understands that while space is significantly more accessible now than any other time in human history, the industry is still in dire need of a solution that can efficiently move payloads into higher-energy orbits. I believe Impulse has assembled a crew capable of reaching that solution, which will completely transform the economics of space development.”

Prior to being the chief of product at Momentus, Mitchell was a spacecraft system engineer, head of future architectures, then VP of Product. He was instrumental in maintaining the various product roadmaps and served as the primary interface between the business development and engineering teams. He also led the product management team in crafting high-level definitions and tracking product performance. Likewise, Mitchell oversaw the advanced architecture groups responsible for all systems engineering and future product design, including the mission design team, which worked on orbital trajectory optimization, customer payload configuration management and engineering software tool development. Before Momentus, he worked as a propulsion engineer at NASA JPL and has a B.S. in astronautical engineering at USC.

About Impulse Space Propulsion

Founded in 2021, Impulse Space Propulsion is a Space 2.0 pioneer providing agile, economical last-mile space payload delivery capabilities. With a near-term focus on Low Earth Orbit (LEO), services include in-space transportation, orbital transport of satellites to optimal orbits, in-orbit servicing, space debris deorbit and space station orbit keeping. Long-term, Impulse will include focus on Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), lunar and beyond, to provide transport of space resources, lunar missions including landers, planetary missions, asteroid resources, in-space manufacturing and propellant depots.


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