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Startup shares disaster imagery, but at what cost?

Raytheon, Satellite Radio Firms Partner in Disaster Relief Communications Tool


Raytheon Co. is trying to generate interest from the U.S. and other governments in a disaster response and warning system that would utilize commercial digital satellite radio channels. The company...

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Satellites Aiding Disaster Recovery Efforts in Japan
Commentary | Lessons from the Columbia Disaster

Editorial: Space and Disasters


...the Event of Natural or Technological Disasters. Known informally as the Disasters Charter, the agreement allows any signatory to rally the satellite remote sensing assets of all members to help...

Researchers Call Plan To End GMES Commitment a ‘Disaster’

OpEd: Destroying Astrobiology Would Be a Disaster


  Space News Business OpEd: Destroying Astrobiology Would Be a Disaster By ROCCO MANCINELLI posted: 24 April 2006 02:38 pm ET Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and...

Guest Blog: Haiti Earthquake a Year Later: What Has Space Learned?


...this information is sent to other organizations who then produce maps and informational reports on the disaster. These organizations then send their information to the disaster responders and the international...

Satellite communications industry prepares response to future disasters

U.K. Space Agency Heading Disaster Response Network


The U.K. Space Agency took over the rotating leadership of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters May 11, chairing the international network for the next six months. The...

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Satcom Firms Tout Their Value to Disaster Response


...of technology will be needed in a disaster, singling out satellite phones as just another technology that can be both helpful and unreliable. “Many solutions have been offered and many...


Nations Lend Satellites to Tsunami Relief Effort


...that devastated parts of South and Southeast Asia. A multinational charter that sets satellites to work covering disaster areas free of charge to users was activated on three separate occasions...


Making Room for Space in Emergency Planning


...disaster relief community in the aftermath of an unexpected event, and here there is often a large and visible role played by satellites. Large-scale deployment of satellite-based disaster relief/recovery communications...

Editorial: Looking Back at Katrina

by in disaster relief and recovery operations, complaints have surfaced about the availability and performance of these services in the storm’s wake. Some of the criticisms brought by first responders...

OpEd: Coalition ORS: A 100 Satellite Solution


...used by Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd, of Guildford , U.K. , to create the small satellite based Disaster Management Constellation. While NATO is a perfect case study to examine C-ORS,...


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