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ISU Students Aid World Bank Disaster Risk Analysis Effort


...director of the Western Disaster Center , a nonprofit applied research center based on the Ames campus. Davies said that great strides have been made in disaster modeling. But without...

Satellites to the rescue after natural disasters
Disaster Response Capabilities Improve with Technology

Array of Satellite Data Aids Disaster Relief Efforts in Gulf


...of August. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other U.S. government agencies responsible for dealing with the disaster were also able to make immediate use of satellite imagery collected...

Op-ed | In the heart of disaster, satellite communication keeps working

Disaster Response Imagery Ample, but Distribution Still Tough


...Myanmar cyclone and Chinese earthquake disasters demonstrated that the world has plenty of imaging satellites to monitor disasters but still is unable to make imagery and other data easily and...

Letter: Role of Satellites in Disaster Response


  Space News Business Letter: Role of Satellites in Disaster Response By CONRADO F. VAROTTO posted: 29 August 2005 11:38 am ET Letter: Role of Satellites in Disaster Response Missy Frederick...

Challenges Ahead for Space and Major Disasters Charter
News gathering during natural disasters

OpEd: Katrina and the Disasters Chapter: A Turning Point


...States activated theCharter on Cooperation to Achieve the Coordinated Use of Space in the Event of Natural or Technological Disasters, also referred to as the Disasters Charter. Its purpose is...

Disaster Response


  Space News Business Disaster Response posted: 18 January 2005 11:52 am ET Satellites played an important role in the global response to the Dec. 26 tsunamis that devastated coastal areas...

NGA Embraces Disaster Relief Role, Collaboration


A string of natural disasters including the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the recent hurricanes in the southern United States and the earthquake in Pakistan have placed new demands on...


Disasters in Asia Highlight Need for Satcom Network


  Space News Business Disasters in Asia Highlight Need for Satcom Network By BECKY IANNOTTA Space News Staff Writer posted: 09 June 2008 01:12 pm ET WASHINGTON – The natural disasters...

Startup shares disaster imagery, but at what cost?
Researchers Call Plan To End GMES Commitment a ‘Disaster’

Editorial: Space and Disasters


...the Event of Natural or Technological Disasters. Known informally as the Disasters Charter, the agreement allows any signatory to rally the satellite remote sensing assets of all members to help...

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