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U.S.-German Laser Intersatellite Link Performs Well on 2 Spacecraft


...for a now-abandoned U.S.-based commercial telecommunications satellite constellation called Teledesic, which called for a transmission speed of 5.5 gigabits per� second� –��� the equivalent of 400 DVDs per hour. But...


A Pivotal Missile Defense Role


...� Missile Defense��� RTS has long played a significant role in missile defense intercept tests. As the Pentagon conducts intercept tests that more closely reflect operational scenarios, the remote, open-ocean...


OpEd: Whither NASA?


...our heritage – the United States needs to settle its current space policy differences and move ahead in many new ways. ����������� One, it is important to recognize that whatever...


Prospective S-Band Bidders Annoyed by European Pre-Selection Process


...part in the selection process. However,��� some of the requirements being debated by the European Parliament and the European Union’s executive commission, if adopted, would require a substantial financial commitment...


Japanese Astronaut Helps Deliver His Nation’s First ISS Module

by a NASA interview, adding that watching Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong walk on the�� Moon when he was 11 put him on the path to space. “I was hooked.” ���...



by overall priority list, or NASA and the science community will continue to be at odds as to how it spends its limited budget. Don Beattie������ Jacksonville , Fla. ���...

NASA’s Rovers Provide Lessons for Planners of Future Mars Missions


...samples characterizing the selected site. 2. Longevity��� Spirit found some of its most interesting samples only after 1,200 martian days. And if longevity is the goal, plutonium power is the...


Profile: Expanding Beyond the “Little LEO” Mindset


  Space News Business Profile: Expanding Beyond the “Little LEO” Mindset By PETER B. de SELDING Space News Staff Writer posted: 17 July 2008 12:30 pm ET Marc Eisenberg��� Chief Executive...


Obama Might Bide His Time on European Missile Defense Effort


...see an effort by this administration to pull back from some of the more pie-in-the-sky efforts and put an increased focus on testing and improving the current systems,” she said.���...

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