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50th Anniversary of Spaceflight Timeline


...Komarov. Oct. 11, 1968: Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, launches on a Saturn 1 for an 11-day mission in Earth orbit. The mission also featured the first live...

Op-ed | The Apollo program and the Chinese treasure fleets
Review: Chasing the Moon

NASA Drafts Plan To Declare Apollo Landing Sites Off-limits


LAS CRUCES, N.M. — NASA has begun drafting guidelines to protect the Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 landing sites, listing them as off-limits and including ground-travel buffers and no-fly zones...

Civil ApolloMissionsNASA



  Space News Business Letters posted: 29 July 2009 03:29 pm ET Apollo 11 – Are We Celebrating The Right Achievement? The 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing reminds...

July 17, 1975: Cold War Adversaries Link Up in Space


...offer, thinking it a ruse, McCurdy said.�� The United States proceeded alone, and six years after Kennedy’s assassination the Apollo 11 lunar module, carrying Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, landed...

The End of the Apollo Era Finally?


...getting to the Moon as soon as possible; these choices had unfortunate consequences. The Apollo spacecraft and the magnificent Saturn 5 launcher proved not to be relevant to any post-Apollo...

Policy & Politics Apollo

VIDEO | #Apollo45 Where Were You When Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon?


Original moonwalker Buzz Aldrin is putting together a video project of people’s testimonials about the Apollo 11 Moon landing for the 45th anniversary on July 20th. He launched a social...


Bezos Finds Apollo 11 Engines in Atlantic, Plans To Raise Them [Wired]


Jeff Bezos, the founder who bankrolled the private spaceflight company Blue Origin, has a new space-related venture, Wired reports: He has located and plans to recover the Apollo 11...

ABC Dance Competition Jettisons Apollo 11 Legend
Apollo 11 Moonwalker Aldrin Joins TV Dance Competition

The End of the Apollo Culture? What a Shame


...have been on balance negative.” He sees the Apollo influence as so last century. If Apollo’s impact “on balance” has been negative, why are space program supporters today yearning for...


Commentary | Safeguarding Our Lunar Heritage

by and

...historical and scientific values represented by the Apollo sites. We argue that responsible historic preservation of the Apollo sites, or of any historical resource, needs to take a two-pronged approach:...

Op-ed | What will be different next time we go to the moon
Op-ed | Commitment to space exploration should be on the ballot

Lunar Lost & Found: The Search for Old Spacecraft


...Williams said there are four laser retroreflector arrays on the Moon that get ranged: the Apollo 11, 14 and 15 sites plus the other Russian moonbuggy, Lunokhod 2. “As a...

Dealing with dust: A back-to-the-moon dilemma
Apollo 13 Note Rakes in $84,100 at Space Auction
11 must-see space movies for anyone serious about space

Destinations or Capabilities? Lessons from History


...well matched to any politically viable post-Apollo mission. NASA, through an “Apollo Applications Program,” attempted, without success, from the mid-1960s on to suggest various uses for the Apollo capabilities. As...

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