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U.S.-German Laser Intersatellite Link Performs Well on 2 Spacecraft


...for a now-abandoned U.S.-based commercial telecommunications satellite constellation called Teledesic, which called for a transmission speed of 5.5 gigabits per� second� –��� the equivalent of 400 DVDs per hour. But...



by overall priority list, or NASA and the science community will continue to be at odds as to how it spends its limited budget. Don Beattie������]}** Jacksonville , Fla. ���...

A Pivotal Missile Defense Role


...� Missile Defense��� RTS has long played a significant role in missile defense intercept tests. As the Pentagon conducts intercept tests that more closely reflect operational scenarios, the remote, open-ocean...


Prospective S-Band Bidders Annoyed by European Pre-Selection Process


...part in the selection process. However,��� some of the requirements being debated by the European Parliament and the European Union’s executive commission, if adopted, would require a substantial financial commitment...


Japanese Astronaut Helps Deliver His Nation’s First ISS Module

by a NASA interview, adding that watching Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong walk on the�� Moon when he was 11 put him on the path to space. “I was hooked.” ���...


NASA’s Rovers Provide Lessons for Planners of Future Mars Missions


...samples characterizing the selected site. 2. Longevity��� Spirit found some of its most interesting samples only after 1,200 martian days. And if longevity is the goal, plutonium power is the...


Profile: Expanding Beyond the “Little LEO” Mindset


  Space News Business Profile: Expanding Beyond the “Little LEO” Mindset By PETER B. de SELDING Space News Staff Writer posted: 17 July 2008 12:30 pm ET Marc Eisenberg��� Chief Executive...


Obama Might Bide His Time on European Missile Defense Effort


...see an effort by this administration to pull back from some of the more pie-in-the-sky efforts and put an increased focus on testing and improving the current systems,” she said.���...

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