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When White House Rang, Dava Newman Thought it was a Prank
DoD IG: Air Force Secretary questioned ethics of Shanahan’s 2018 meeting with Elon Musk
Air Force space modernization starts from the ground up
U.S., China will meet this year to talk space debris

Profile: Creating a Gateway to the Stars

by to more customers about the benefits of New Mexico and Spaceport America. I’ve got a very soft spot for education … as that’s the next generation that’s going to...


Profile: Mining the Small Pockets for Business


...this possible for assets shared by the military and intelligence community, or are we really talking about two parallel universes that can’t coexist? Right now you’re talking about two parallel...

Commercial MissionsPeople

Profile: Space, Reserved for Future Use


...created a major debris hazard in a heavily used belt of Earth orbit? The individual Chinese that I’ve talked to over the last couple of years – and I’ve talked...

U.S. Air Force Gen. John Hyten Has a Need for Speed
Profile | Peter Wegner, Director, Operationally Responsive Space Office
Planetary Resources revising plans after funding setback
Profile | Bill Parsons, President and Chief Executive, RD-Amross
Musk unveils revised version of giant interplanetary launch system
New caucus to advocate for NASA’s needs in Congress
ORS Director: “We’re Not Here To Build Neat Toys”
NRO shares plans for commercial imagery acquisition

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