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C-Band Alliance doubles spectrum offer to 200 megahertz

Facts About the VASIMR Engine and its Development


...Ad Astra’s most advanced engine configuration is the VX-200 (for VASIMR® experiment at 200kW), a 200 kW test engine currently in operation at the company’s main laboratory in Houston. Ad...


Two U.S.-Israeli Teams Vie For New Missile Defense Program


...ranges from 40 kilometers to about 200 kilometers — may be even more lethal than Scud-class missiles because they are cheap, plentiful, easily concealed and relatively simple to launch, sources...

Gogo says its 2Ku’s 100 Mbps is airline Holy Grail, higher speeds not crucial
FCC: we won’t rush C-band decision

Despite Budget Concerns, Europe May Solicit New Space Science Missions

by considered.   Skeptics remain. Some think the 200 million euros in savings will not be realized, others think 200 million will not be enough to accommodate the new programs....

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...worthy of consideration for the semifinals of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) 2005 Grand Challenge. The qualification event, which will be held Sept. 27 to Oct. 5 this...


U.S. Air Force Expanding Space Education Curriculum


...Command. The Air Force already has two series of courses for lower-ranking personnel called Space 100 and Space 200. Space 100 , which grew out of a modified curriculum at...

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Iridium expects Aireon to pay off $200M debt by end of 2021

Virgin Galactic Spaceliner Steps Forward


...altitude of 109.4 kilometers and post-landing frivolity. At present, Virgin Galactic has $20 million in deposits, said Will Whitehorn, the company’s president. “We just surpassed the 200-customer level in terms...

Virgin Galactic

Israel Courts Pentagon Support for New Missile Defense Effort


...Frog to missiles just below the Scud, so we’re talking about intercepting threats with ranges from about 40 kilometers to about 200 kilometers.” Growing Threat Because such rockets and missiles...

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Q&A with Brian Holz, OneWeb’s Director of Space Systems
C-Band Alliance ups proposal to 300 megahertz

News Briefs


...building the instrument and Boulder, Colo.-based Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. is building the spacecraft. EADS Astrium’s Eurostar Satellite Line Logs 200 Years On-Orbit Operations EADS Astrium’s Eurostar satellite line...


Hubble Go-Ahead To Affect Ares 1, Science Programs


  Space News Business Hubble Go-Ahead To Affect Ares 1, Science Programs By BRIAN BERGER Space News Staff Writer posted: 07 November 2006 04:18 pm ET GREENBELT, Md. — NASA’s...


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