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Jaiwon Shin, Associate Administrator, NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate


...activities would recognize the value of gaining knowledge through flight tests, utilizing multipurpose flying testbeds. In other words, we would like to assess various state-of-the-art technologies in an integrated fashion...

Profile | Mark Sirangelo, Corporate Vice President and Head of Space Systems, Sierra Nevada Corp.
Senators Decry NASA’s Change of Plans
Op-ed | Why Europe’s Space Rationale is Autonomy, Not Leadership

Profile: Astrophysicist, Philanthropist, Visionary


...home since 1974 or within the broader scientific community. “I don’t even know that it’s changed my standing among scientists, because people had already known what we had done,” he...

Op-ed | The Right Motives for Ariane 6
Lawmakers Urge Obama to Divert Stimulus Money to NASA

Jeffrey C. Chu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Glowlink Communications Technology Inc.


...a marketing-driven type of company. So do we want to? The answer is “yes.” Do we know how to? The answer is probably “not very well.” We know the domestic...

Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association

Impactors Added to Lunar Reconnaissance Mission

by have … we know for sure that for human exploration to succeed we’re going to have to essentially live off the land.” Astronomers know that hydrogen exists in some form...

Air Force picks ADS to demo an all-commercial alternative to Space-Track catalog

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah), Member, House Armed Services Committee


...scheme.   What do you mean by scheme? The experts that know this area are looking at this scheme of privatization and realizing it is naive, it is incomplete, it...

Policy & Politics PeopleU.S.U.S. Congress
Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator
Profile | Michael D. Griffin, Chairman and Chief Executive, Schafer Corp.

Profile: The Science of Lunar Exploration

by know one issue that is paramount today is whether there is water or other volatiles in permanently shadowed craters. Is that one of the things your teams will investigate?...

French Space Agency Sends Mixed Signals on ExoMars
Craig Steidle, Senior Adviser, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
For Rep. Rogers, fighting through a war in space starts with fixing acquisition

Profile: Profiting from a Solid Market


...I know some existing Telesat suppliers were surprised at the speed of the Telesat decision [in December] to buy its first Loral satellite. Telesat has told us that they will...

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Ursa Major Technologies wants outsourcing engines to be the norm

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