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NOAA Administrator Lubchenco Stepping Down
SN Military.Space | What happened to Zuma? – Budget standoff continues – Big week for Orbital ATK

Griffin Says Ares 1 NASA’s Top 2007 Procurement Priority


...than that, I don’t know whose opinion I care to hear. I’m a lot meaner than most people that you know.”   “We are taking a very fine-tooth comb to...

Michael GriffinMissionsNASA
Loverro: defense is the best deterrent against a war in space

OpEd: SETI: Is It Worth It?


...things from an interstellar transmission, SETI speaks to a quintessential human need even without that carrot – the quest to know. More to the point: to know how we fit...

Laying the Groundwork for NASA’s Next Earth Science Roadmap

Profile: The Technical Half


...what I know; I don’t know what he knows, but together we can get the job done.” The job has become even more interesting since Dulles, Va.-based Orbimage announced its...

Profile | Edward Lu, Chief Executive, B612 Foundation
Bolden Talk Yields Insights More Personal than Political
Guest Blog: Scientists, Know Your Budget Process

Asteroid Miners Ponder Potential Clients for Space Rock Samples


...from the asteroids, if you go up and get it commercially, you probably know that there will be more soon. Who knows what kind of strange demand that would create...


Commentary | Apollo’s Children: The Waiting Is Over


...understand. We possess sacred knowledge. We have seen it done right. We have seen things done wrong. We know what works and what does not. We have the institutional and...


OpEd: What if…?


...if I wasn’t constrained by zoning,” even though I know that the zoning is here to stay, because the effort may well be rewarded with ideas that can actually be...

OpEd: Taking the Earth’s Pulse


...never know what happens during the part you missed. Some people really want to know, have to know, what happened so much that they get so upset they call the...

Op-ed | Water Worlds

NASA’s Timid, Hysterical Critics


...something. We know it is dangerous. We know it will probably always be dangerous. And still we want to go, for in going lies all our hopes, dreams and aspirations....


Keeping Focused at Space Command


...Command (Provisional), meanwhile, will be renamed 24th Air Force and moved from Air Combat Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va. , to AFSPC. Global Strike Command will stand up by...

Profile | J. Douglas Beason, Chief Scientist and Technology Adviser, U.S. Air Force Space Command
REWIND | A 2003 interview with Elon “The Six Million Dollar Man” Musk

Impactors Added to Lunar Reconnaissance Mission

by have … we know for sure that for human exploration to succeed we’re going to have to essentially live off the land.” Astronomers know that hydrogen exists in some form...


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