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Space and national security: What to expect in 2022
Larger late-stage deals dominating space investment landscape
Op-ed | Protecting the Health, Safety, and Comfort Of Civilians in the Commercialization of Space
Space Force’s 2021 budget plan is heavy on satellites and launch
Satellite operators battle broadcast declines amid looming connectivity growth
Commercial lunar lander companies update mission plans
“Overstressed” NASA Mars exploration budget threatens missions
U.S. Space Force budget projected to grow $2.6 billion over the next five years
White House asks Congress to remove Europa Clipper SLS requirement
Profile | Michael D. Griffin, Chairman and Chief Executive, Schafer Corp.
SN Military Space | Space Force praised for fiscal restraint • Space Pitch Day 2021 planned in Los Angeles
Falcon Heavy to launch NASA Psyche asteroid mission
NASA requests $24.8 billion in 2022, proposes to cancel SOFIA again
Senate bill offers NASA only a fraction of requested lunar lander funding
Military space gets big boost in Pentagon’s $750 billion budget plan
SLS core stage declared ready for launch in 2021
Biden administration proposes $24.7 billion budget for NASA in 2022
Artemis cost estimate won’t be ready until 2020
Soyuz-2 rideshare launch for South Korea, Astroscale, dozens more delayed to March 22
Omnibus spending bill funds Commerce Department space traffic management work

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