Every sixth-grade student in Brevard County’s public schools will soon enjoy an
out-of-this-world field trip by touring the Kennedy Space Center during the week of Nov. 17-21, thanks to the seed of an idea first
planted by the National Space Club Florida Committee.

During past years the space club has supported education programs by providing scholarship money to area college students. With the
full support of Brevard Community College, Florida Tech and the University of Central Florida, the Board of Directors decided this
year to use club resources to reach a much larger student base.

Taking the ball from there, Delaware North Parks & Resorts, Inc. and Brevard Schools assembled an impressive list of community
partners to facilitate and fund every piece of the project, which is expected to involve some 6,000 students.

“It is our hope that by exposing sixth grade students to the excitement of spaceflight, they will be inspired to finish high school,
continue their education through college, and then pursue a career in aerospace,” said Richard Beagley, chairman of the National
Space Club Florida Committee.

Each day of the week approximately 1,200 students, chaperones and teachers will visit KSC and attend a NASA educational briefing, go
on a scavenger hunt at the Apollo Saturn V Center and meet astronaut John Fabian. Students also will receive a certificate that will
allow them to return to the Visitor Complex and act as a personal tour guide for up to four guests.

News media are invited to a cover a brief press conference at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Monday, Nov. 17 at 1 p.m.
EST. Officials representing the participating organizations will be present, as will several students. For more information about
the news briefing and to gain access to the Visitor Complex, contact Amanda Keefer at 321-449-4827.

The National Space Club Florida Committee is a non-profit corporation composed of representatives of industry, government,
educational institutions and private individuals who share a commitment to increasing public awareness of America’s aerospace

For more information about the National Space Club Florida Committee contact Jim Banke at 321-868-6288.