0-G Launch, a Washington DC-based provider of the Space Jet™ aircraft for microgravity services and horizontal rocket air-launch, and Global Aviation Ventures (GAV), a firm with extensive expertise in the growth, development, funding and exit of startups in the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors, announce the signature of their agreement to join forces on deploying a global fleet of specialized aircraft to provide much-needed services to the fast-growing Space economy, which is slated to grow into a $1 trillion industry within the next decade.

As part of this agreement, 0-G Launch and GAV will jointly procure, license and operate specially-modified commercial jets to provide global microgravity services for consumer zero-gravity flights, testing of science payloads before sending them to Space, and astronaut training. In addition, these specialized aircraft will be equipped for horizontal air-launch and testing of hypersonic vehicle and small orbital rocket developers, by lofting these customer’s payloads under its fuselage at up to 40,000 ft.

“Our agreement with GAV is a unique opportunity for 0-G Launch to join forces with one of the industry’s top teams of entrepreneurs with proven industry expertise in procuring and managing all aspects of a future global aircraft fleet. We can’t be more pleased to have them as joint partners in our exciting venture for the fast-growing Space industry,” said Robert Feierbach, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 0-G Launch.

“We began looking at 0-G Launch a few months ago, and were very convinced that the business prospects with the innovative services the Space Jet™ fleet will provide to the Space industry are a very clear and profitable industry opportunity,” said Robert Allen, Managing General Partner of Global Aviation Ventures. “We’re excited to put our GAV team expertise in this industry to work, together with 0-G Launch, to establish and grow our global business opportunities.”

About 0-G Launch  

0-G Launch is a Washington DC-based company that offers the Space Jet™ airborne platforms using specially-modified commercial aircraft to provide high-precision microgravity and cost-effective rocket air-launch capabilities to the fast-growing Space industry. Among its services, it will provide microgravity parabolic flights for equipment R&D and testing, astronaut training and consumer zero gravity flight experiences globally, as well as testing & horizontal air-launch services for orbital rockets and hypersonic vehicle developers, offering the best economics, availability and flexibility in the market. At 0-G Launch, we’re “Bringing Earth Closer to Space.”

Media enquiries: Robert Feierbach, 329091@email4pr.com, T. +1-212-380-3565 www.0-GLaunch.com

About Global Aviation Ventures

Global Aviation Ventures primarily invests in aviation, aerospace, and defense industry teams that cover a wide variety of technology, and products. GAV investments occur in businesses in any life cycle, but GAV expertise provides opportunities for advising and consulting in aircraft and engine acquisitions / transactions, commercial aircraft maintenance planning, passenger and cargo airline operations, business aviation operations, and M&A activity. GAV has intimate knowledge of the market, and can use an extensive network of investors, contacts, and commercialization partners to assist in scaling, and exit.

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