0-G Launch, an innovative Washington DC-based provider of the Space Jet™ horizontal rocket air-launch and microgravity service aircraft, and the Canary Islands Aeronautic and Aerospace Cluster -CAAC, an international center of excellence dedicated to promoting companies in the aeronautical-aerospace sector in the archipelago, today announced the signature of an agreement to initiate consumer zero-gravity parabolic flights from the islands in 2023.

The agreement was signed during an in-person ceremony at the World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Conference in Madrid. As first part of this agreement, 0-G Launch will fly its Space Jet™ to the Canary Islands to make exciting zero-gravity parabolic flight experiences locally available on a yearly basis. CAAC will organize and manage the media outreach and logistics to ensure that these unique flights are actively promoted among the nearly 13 million tourists that visit the archipelago annually.

“Our partnership with the CAAC is an exciting international agreement for 0-G Launch to provide unforgettable zero-gravity flight experiences to consumers in the beautiful Canary Islands. We envision our first parabolic flights to start in 2023, and thereafter include horizontal rocket air-launch missions for small satellites as the next potential step from this idyllic European location,” said Robert Feierbach, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 0-G Launch.

“The Canary Islands not only benefit from millions of tourists visiting our beautiful paradise yearly, to whom we can now offer exciting zero-gravity flights never before available in our archipelago, but we are also ideally situated to provide a wide array of inclinations for small rocket horizontal launch missions to deliver satellites for the fast-growing new Space economy,” said José Luis Garcia, CEO of CAAC.

About 0-G Launch  

0-G Launch is a Washington DC-based company that offers the Space Jet™ airborne platforms using specially-modified commercial aircraft to provide high-precision microgravity and cost-effective rocket air-launch capabilities to the fast-growing Space industry. Among its services, it will provide microgravity parabolic flights for equipment R&D and testing, astronaut training and consumer flight experiences globally, as well as testing & horizontal air-launch services for orbital rockets and hypersonic vehicle developers, offering the best economics, availability and flexibility in the market. At 0-G Launch, we’re “Bringing Earth Closer to Space.”

Media enquiries: Robert Feierbach, 322023@email4pr.com, T. +212-380-3565 www.0-GLaunch.com

About CAAC

The Aeronautics and Aerospace Technology Cluster of the Canary Islands (CAAC) is based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It was created as an international center of excellence in the field of aerial robotics technologies and satellite systems, with a mission of developing innovation and R&D projects, and cooperation between public and private sectors in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors across the archipelago. 

Media enquiries: José Luis Garcia, 322023@email4pr.com, T. +34 928-98-79-82 www.caac.com.es