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Time-lapse video of Sentinel-1A being prepared for launch on a Europeanized Soyuz to its April 3 lift off. Credit: ESA — S. Corvaja, M. Pedoussaut

Mike Meacham, a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains a tests for a low-density supersonic decelerator (LDSD) test, a parachute concept that would be applied to slow craft heading in to Mars. Credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

While DARPA is re-evaluating its Phoenix program's mission, this video shows how it was originally conceived to work servicing and salvaging assets in orbit. Credit: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

During the Arianespace launch of the Europeanized Soyuz, cameras mounted on the Fregat upper stage captured footage as Sentinel-1A was separated at approximately 700 kilometers above Earth. Credit: Arianespace

The first Sentinel-1 satellite is the first of Europe's environmental monitoring Copernicus program. Unlike optical satellites, radar satellites are able to to image Earth's surface regardless of weather or time of day. Credit: ESA/EMSA/European Parliament/DLR/ATG medialab/Funnelweb

Southwest makes an April 1 announcement about a new destination: Mars. Credit: Southwest Airlines

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussess the loan from the U.S. government that helped out Tesla during the March 30 interview on 60 Minutes.  See the whole interview here. Credit: CBS

Animation of one of two robotic mission concepts under consideration for NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission. In this concept, the Asteroid Redirect Vehicle descends to the surface of a large asteroid and robotically collects a boulder from its surface. Credit: NASA

The focus of this edition of ESA Euronews is how scientsts are using ESA's Copernicus satellite to help create faster and more accurate flood models. Credit: ESA

Commercial space efforts are finding backers and partners in the United Arab Emirates. Credit: BBC News via Mass


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