SpaceShipTwo glide flight
SS2 glide flight
SpaceShipTwo test flight
Mike Moses
Meir Moalem, CEO and Founder of Sky and Space Global and George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic pose in front of a LauncherOne model at the World Satellite Business Week Conference in Paris. Credit: Virgin Galactic
SpaceShipTwo test flight
SpaceShipTwo tow test
Steve Isakowitz will become president of the Aerospace Corporation on Aug. 1 and assume the title of CEO on Oct. 1 upon the retirement of Wanda Austin. Credit: The Aerospace Corp.
ss2 rollout branson
New Shepard landing
Using a Boeing 747 as the launch platform for LauncherOne will allow Virgin Galactic to double the vehicle's payload performance, increasing the size of the market it can serve, according to company officials. Credit: Virgin Galactic
Will Pomerantz, Virgin Galactic's vice president for special projects, shaved his beard (above) in 2015. Credit: Will Pomerantz
SpaceShipTwo powered test flight
Barry Matsumori, former SpaceX senior vice president of sales and business development for SpaceX. Credit: ISPCS video

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