DigitalGlobe headquarters
Amazonas-5 Hispasat Antonov Proton ILS
MDA SSL EchoStar-21
SSL satellite servicing concept
MDA SIS RSGS SSL DARPA in-orbit servicing
An illustration of NASA's proposed "deep-space gateway" in orbit around the moon. Japan plans to make use of gateway as a jumping-off point for future lunar expeditions.  Credit: NASA
SSL John Celli and Lori Garver
Asiasat-8 SSL Amos-7
Proton EchoStar-21 ILS
Bradford Tousley, director of the tactical technology office at DARPA, discusses satellite servicing at a Washington Space Business Roundtable lunch May 9, 2017. Credit: SpaceNews
NBN SSL Sky Muster 2 II
SSL satellite servicing concept
JCSAT-110A (previously known as JCSAT-15) was the first SSL 1300 satellite to use a 3D-printed antenna tower design. Credit: SSL
Malin Space Science Systems - well known for their cameras on NASA's Mars exploration missions - will now provide a camera for a DARPA-funded satellite servicing mission. Credit: Malin Space Science Systems/NASA/JPL
RSGS GEO Robotic Servicing Vehicle (RSV) Credit: DARPA/SSL

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