Iridium Next Launch SpaceX
Falcon 9 Iridum-1 landing
Iridium SNOC
A SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center May 1, carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office. Credit: SpaceX
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket - carrying the NROL-76 payload for the NRO - sits on the launch pad April 29 at Launch Complex 39A. The rocket will have to wait at least 24 hours for liftoff after SpaceX scrubbed the launch planned for April 30 due to an issue with a first-stage sensor. Credit: SpaceX
SpaceX conducted a static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket April 25 in preparation for an April 30 launch to carry NROL-76 into orbit. Credit: SpaceX
ULA Vulcan
Behnken Starliner
“Looking forward for reusability, we don’t believe it really, really counts unless you can turn it around rapidly, or almost as rapidly, as you turn around an aircraft,” SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said Wednesday at the 33rd Space Symposium. “Our challenge right now is to refly a rocket within 24 hours. That’s when we’ll really feel like we’ve got reusability right.” Credit: Tom Kimmell
Thaicom 6 Falcon 9 SpaceX
Falcon Heavy
Falcon 9 first stage landing
Falcon 9 DSCOVR Launch
Stage after landing
SpaceX announced plans to send two people on a commercial mission around the moon as soon as 2018, aboard a version of its Dragon 2 spacecraft. Credit: SpaceX
Dragon after splashdown

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