Planet Labs Doves ISS
Vector-R rocket
Planet Labs Doves ISS
David Hardy, U.S. Air Force associate deputy under secretary for space, speaking Oct. 20 at the Hosted Payload Summit in Washington. Photo: U.S. Air Force
Two cubesats after launch from the International Space Station's Small Satellite Orbital Deployer. Credit: NASA
Planet Labs Doves ISS
Falcon 1 Flight 5
Three cubesats orbit Earth after being deployed from the ISS. Credit: NASA
Astrosat launch on PSLV rocket. Credit: ISRO
In September, Firefly announced the first successful ground test of its rocket engine at its testing facility in Briggs, Texas. Credit: Firefly Space Systems
A U.S. Air Force Quick Reaction Launch Vehicle lifts off the pad at the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska. Credit: National Archives

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