An illustration of MethaneSAT, a small satellite designed to track methane emissions from human activities. The spacecraft's design is still under development. Credit: EDF
Tyvak cubesat depiction
Kratos Smallsat
KSAT ground station Chile
Spire's Lemur-2 satellite with solar panels deployed. Credit: Spire
GomSpace Virgin Orbit LauncherOne
Arion 1 PLD Space
Vega lifted off Dec. 3 from French Guiana at 1:04 a.m. local time, placing LISA Pathfinder into an elliptical parking orbit (ESA photo)
Sitael Platino smallsat
General Atomics art
Iridium SNOC
VENµS image
An ISRO Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifts off Feb. 14 carrying 104 satellites on a single rocket. Credit: ISRO

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