Charles,"Chuck" Beames Spaceflight industries Board Member & President , Vulcan Aerospace. Credit: SpaceNews/Kate Patterson.
Addvalue produced the terminal for Inmarsat's Inter-Satellite Data Relay System, which was tested in orbit on the Velox-11 satellite built by Nanyang Technological University's Satellite Research Center in Singapore. Credit: AVI
A humble blue tarp of the sort commonly used to protect all manner of possesions from the elements is implicated in the damage a Japanese military satellite suffered during its flight to the launch pad. Credit: Bill Smith/Flickr
Hitomi / ASTRO-H
SSTL is leading a consortium that has received a grant award from Innovate UK, Britain’s science and technology stimulus agency to produce what SSTL said will be a “flight-ready concept” of a High Test Peroxide-based propulsion system by the end of 2016. Credit: µ-VIS centre at the University of Southampton
Michael Miller, founder and chief executive of TIP Technologies Inc. Credit: SpaceNews/Brian Berger
Amos-E, an all-electric version of  Israel Aerospace Industries' Amos telecommunications satellite line, is aimed at a market of customers needing 10-20 transponders to maintain an orbital slot. Credit: IAI
Earth orbital debris
Wade Larson, President and COO of UrtheCast, speaking at the 10th Appleton Space Conference in 2014. Credit: Science & Technology Facilities Council
Artist's concept of the European Envisat Earth observation satellite. Credit: ESA
Intelsat Epic satellite
"The solar array is deployed during testing of a Boeing all-electric propulsion 702SP (small platform) satellite, EUTELSAT 115 West B, built for Paris-based Eutelsat." Credit: Boeing
Artist's concept of Galileo satellites in formation. Credit: OHB
The U.S. Ex-Im Bank let visitors to its website know that its authority lapsed July 1. Credit: SpaceNews

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