Global Xpress satellite. Credit: Inmarsat artist's concept
Avanti Communications aims to deploy a network of four Hylas satellites to provide broadband coverage over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Credit: SpaceNews graphic by Brian Berger
Daniel Friedmann. Credit: MDA
Iridium Next satellite
UK Space Conference Video 2015
The Eutelsat 9B satellite with its EDRS-A payload is shown in the anechoic test chamber of Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse, France. Credit: Airbus Defence and Space
SpeedCast logo accompanied by container ship.
David Parker, U.K. Space Agency chief executive. Credit: UKSA
Skynet 5 satellite
Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd. will build the platform for the first Quantum new-generation satellite payload and thereby qualify in orbit its Geostationary Minisatellite Platform. Credit: Airbus
SpaceX hangar 39A
OneWeb strategic partners portrait

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