Amos-6 satellite. Credit: Facebook
Today’s connected commercial aircraft, most of them flying North American routes, generate around $150,000 in revenue per year per aircraft for bandwidth service providers. Gogo Inc., which dominates the U.S. market, has said that figure will climb to $750,000 or more in the coming five years as airlines race to provide broadband to customers and to the airlines themselves for pilots and crew, and to send aircraft health status. Credit: Gogo
An Atlas 5 rocket from United Launch Alliance lifts the fourth communication satellite from the U.S. Navy's Mobile User Objective System  from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Sept. 2. Credit: U.S. Air Force.
OneWeb constellation infographic
Carl Marchetto. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Express AM8 launch
USS Essex at sea. Credit: U.S. Navy
Pierre-Jean Beylier, Chief Executive of SpeedCast
Credit: SpeedCast
WRC-15 spectrum
Global Xpress satellite. Credit: Inmarsat artist's concept
Avanti Communications aims to deploy a network of four Hylas satellites to provide broadband coverage over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Credit: SpaceNews graphic by Brian Berger
Daniel Friedmann. Credit: MDA
Iridium Next satellite

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