Mission Robotic Vehicle
RSGS GEO Robotic Servicing Vehicle (RSV) Credit: DARPA/SSL
GEOStar-2 Orbital ATK
Orbital ATK's mission extension vehicle.
Cygnus deep space
MEV Orbital ATK Space Logistics
Delta 2 NASA Vandenberg
Al Yah 3 Yahsat Orbital ATK
Antares launch
Antares OA-8
Orbital ATK is developing the NGL rocket to launch from a multi-use pad at Kennedy Space Center. Credit: Orbital ATK artist’s concept
SSL satellite servicing concept
Minotaur-C launch
Weapon technicians load an AGM-114 Hellfire missile. (Navy photo)
Air Force procurement chief Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch. 
 answers questions during the Air Force Capability Development panel portion at the Air Space, Cyber Conference. Credit: U.S. Air Force /Wayne A. Clark

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