Arianespace Soyuz O3b 13-16
Steve Collar SES O3b
Google Project Loon
Dec. 18 Soyuz launch  of four satellites for O3b Networks’ Ka-band Internet trunking service. Credit: Arianespace
Artist’s rendition of SES Network’s O3b mPower constellation. Credit: SES.
O3b globe
Steve Collar
CEO, O3b Networks. Credit: SpaceNews/Kate Patterson.
OW-V OneWeb Constellation
O3b, owned by SES of Luxembourg, operates a fleet of 12 satellites in equatorial orbit at 8,200 kilometers. It is asking U.S. regulators to approve a major expansion of the constellation to add new broadcast frequencies and more satellites in both equatorial and highly inclined orbit. This is what the new constellation would look like. Credit: O3b.
Quantum of the Seas offers passengers O3b-delivered satellite broadband. Credit: Royal Caribbean video grab
O3b globe
O3b coverage map.
SES' Satellite Operations Center in Luxembourg. Credit: SES
SES Chief Executive Karim Michel Sabbagh. Credit: SES

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