O3b globe
Steve Collar
CEO, O3b Networks. Credit: SpaceNews/Kate Patterson.
OW-V OneWeb Constellation
O3b, owned by SES of Luxembourg, operates a fleet of 12 satellites in equatorial orbit at 8,200 kilometers. It is asking U.S. regulators to approve a major expansion of the constellation to add new broadcast frequencies and more satellites in both equatorial and highly inclined orbit. This is what the new constellation would look like. Credit: O3b.
Quantum of the Seas offers passengers O3b-delivered satellite broadband. Credit: Royal Caribbean video grab
O3b globe
O3b coverage map.
SES' Satellite Operations Center in Luxembourg. Credit: SES
SES Chief Executive Karim Michel Sabbagh. Credit: SES
O3b satellites. Credit: Airbus Defence and Space
O3b's first four satellites
O3b's first four satellites
July 10, 2014, Europeanized Soyuz launch of four O3b Networks satellites. Credit: Arianespace

VIDEO | O3b Networks Servicing the Cook Islands


Being back in the private sector hasn’t stopped Griffin from voicing opinions about NASA’s human spaceflight program.

O3BSatellite Telecom
Second group of O3b satellites launch on a Europeanized Soyuz. Credit: Arianespace

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