Red Dragon landing
Mars 2020 rover
Artist’s illustration
of a concept for NASA’s GeoCarb mission, which
will map concentrations of key carbon gases
above the Americas from geostationary orbit. (Credit: Lockheed Martin, University of Oklahoma)
Europa Clipper
SpaceX Falcon 9 GovSat-1
NASA conducts a hot fire of the Space Launch System engine at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. Credit: NASA
Artist's concept of Boeing's CST-100 Starliner capsule approaching the International Space Station. Credit: NASA/Boeing
In addition to cargo missions to the ISS, Dream Chaser will fly a dedicated research mission for the United Nations in 2021. Credit: Sierra Nevada Corp.
JWST shipment
So far, NASA has launched just one of the 15 missions recommended in the 2007 Earth science decadal survey: the Soil Moisture Active Passive, or SMAP, mission. The $915 million mission launched Jan. 31, 2015. Less than six months later, its radar failed but its radiometer continues to function.
Between 1993 and 2009, astronauts repaired and upgraded Hubble five times. (Credit: NASA)

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