SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, speaking July 7, 2015 at the International Space Station Research and Development Conference. Credit: CASIS video still
OneWeb CEO Greg Wyler (left) and senior executives from the company's roster of strategic partners. Credit: OneWeb
OneWeb strategic partners portrait
Mark Dankberg (right), Lt. Gen. Mike Hamel, vice president and general manager of commercial space at Lockheed Martin (center). Credit: SpaceNews/Tom Kimmell
Telecom mega-constellation
Spire Chief Executive Peter Platzer
Leosat satellite network
OneWeb emphasizes lower latency as an advantage its proposed constellation of low-orbit satellites have over traditional geostationary communications satellites. Credit: OneWeb video
Chris Quilty. Credit: Raymond James and Associates
Demonstrating a penchant for staying ahead of a curve that may or may not exist, some  Wall Street analysts take it as a given that Google, Facebook, SpaceX, OneWeb and others  will raise the billions of dollars of infrastructure costs, clear regulatory hurdles and bring platforms into service before the end of the decade. Credit: SpaceNews graphic