SkySats in orbit
Google's Skybox Imaging is now Terra Bella. Credit: SpaceNews graphic
Google's Skybox Imaging is now Terra Bella. Credit: SpaceNews graphic
Chris Quilty. Credit: Raymond James and Associates
Demonstrating a penchant for staying ahead of a curve that may or may not exist, some  Wall Street analysts take it as a given that Google, Facebook, SpaceX, OneWeb and others  will raise the billions of dollars of infrastructure costs, clear regulatory hurdles and bring platforms into service before the end of the decade. Credit: SpaceNews graphic
It is unclear what happened in November to cause at least a half-dozen satellite constellation filings to head to the ITU. Industry officials said it could have been that word leaked that Google and SpaceX were teaming up behind SpaceX’s since-announced several-thousand-satellite constellation. Credit SpaceNews illustration
A SpaceXer sports the company's logo at a launch party. Credit: SpaceX
Google says Each balloon can provide connectivity to a ground area about 40 kilometers in diameter using LTE wireless communications technology. Credit: Google Loon
Hangar One

WorldVu, a Satellite Startup Aiming To Provide Global Internet Connectivity, Continues To Grow Absent Clear Google Relationship


 WorldVu has secured Ku-band spectrum from international regulators for a constellation of several hundred satellites to provide global Internet connectivity has grown to 30 people.

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SkySat-1 and SkySat-2

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