“In Germany, we don’t have enough young people who want to run their own business,” said Gerd Gruppe, member of DLR's executive board. “We have an overall lack of high-tech companies and so it is in the space sector as well.” Credit: DLR
Norbert Barthle Germany

Airbus To Build Platform for CNES-DLR Merlin Methane-monitoring Satellite


CNES awarded Airbus Defence and Space a contract worth 30 million euros to build the spacecraft platform and perform payload integration for the French-German Merlin methane-monitoring satellite.

Business AirbusEarth observationFranceGermany
Dream Chaser prototype
French and German flags
Germany's TIRA observation radar. Credit: Fraunhofer FHR

To Win Over Germany, ESA Maps out How Ariane 6 Would Save Everyone Money


ESA is proposing to inject 8 billion euros into Europe’s launch sector over 10 years starting in 2015, including some 4.3 billion euros on a new Ariane 6 rocket.

Launch ArianeESAGermany

Germany Joins European Military Bandwidth-sharing Program


Germany became the 10th EU nation to join EDA’s program to pool and share purchases of commercial satellite bandwidth for military and government use.

Missions BandwidthEuropeGermanymilitaryMilitary Space
Ariane 5 ME. Credit: ESA/D. Ducros
SOFIA is a 747SP aircraft equipped with a 2.5-meter infrared telescope. Credit: NASA

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