Telesat Headquarters
Satellite Dish
FCC commissioner Michael O'Rielly at Hudson Institute in 2014 (Wikicommons).
SpaceX headquarters building
Galileo navigation satellite. Credit: ESA
OneWeb Satellites Florida Factory art
Credit: CSIS
Ajit Pai FCC chairman
Tom Wheeler, 31st chairman of the FCC
O3b, owned by SES of Luxembourg, operates a fleet of 12 satellites in equatorial orbit at 8,200 kilometers. It is asking U.S. regulators to approve a major expansion of the constellation to add new broadcast frequencies and more satellites in both equatorial and highly inclined orbit. This is what the new constellation would look like. Credit: O3b.
Matt O'Connell, CEO, OneWeb. Credit: SpaceNews/Kate Patterson.
U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, center, ripped into the satellite industry for what he called self-defeating intransigence over sharing of Ka-band spectrum. Credit: FCC