An astronaut retrieving a sample from captured asteroid. Credit: NASA illustration

Jeff Foust Hosts “Sustaining Human Space Exploration” Discussion at the Newseum


Harris’ Network and Space Operations and Maintenance Contract is one of several being eyed for consolidation as the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center copes with shrinking budgets.

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Commentary | To Explore or Pioneer?


A NASA white paper says: “Explorers go with the intent of returning to tell their story and point the way for future forays. Pioneers go with the intent to establish a permanent presence.”

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A scene from the 1990 movie Total Recall shows a mining facility on Mars. Credit: TriStar Pictures

White House Seeking $40 Million To Explore Engine Options


U.S. government witnesses agreed that developing a new U.S. rocket engine is a priority, but were unable to map out a clear path forward.

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NASA Awards $17 Million for Exploration Research


NASA’s Human Research Program and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute will fund 26 proposals to investigate questions about astronaut health and performance on future deep-space exploration missions.

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Commentary | Squandering America’s Leadership in Exploration


I am deeply concerned about the state of NASA’s human spaceflight program and, ultimately, American leadership in space for the 21st century.

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Commentary | Technology Drives Exploration of Tomorrow

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While the overall 2014 budget numbers for NASA are an increase up from sequestration levels, the space technology line in the budget received a nearly 7 percent reduction from its 2013 funding level.

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Commentary | Countdown to Human Space Exploration

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Successful human missions to the Moon, asteroids and beyond are critical to our nation’s global competitiveness and continued leadership in space exploration.

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